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Lifestyle Medicine
in Action

A Unique Four-Week Adventist Training for Healthcare Providers


Upcoming Program*

June 30th - July 25th

Lifestyle Medicine Observer Program

Is a 4-week training program for Healthcare Providers such as MD, DO, FNP, PA, RN, PT, LPN, nutritionist, mental health or other allied health professionals.
Practice medicine the way you have never done before. Focus on lifestyle change to reverse disease, and natural remedies with less side effects than conventional medicine. Incorporate Christ into your practice, the true source of health and healing.

Lifestyle Medicine

The only way to reverse coronary heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other diseases.

Natural Remedies

Learn how to safely use natural remedies, such as herbs, teas, hydrotherapy, massage, activated charcoal, clay, and many more to treat various illnesses.

Spiritual Care

Discover how you can incorporate your faith into your practice, and provide spiritual healing for those who long for truth.

Mental Health

Our esteemed lifestyle educators lead mental health support, providing compassionate, holistic guidance.

Four-Week Training
in Lifestyle Medicine

Training Through Practice

The Lifestyle Medicine Observer Program offers hands-on training in lifestyle medicine, natural remedies, culinary coaching, hydrotherapy, and botanical treatments that you can offer your patients. All these practical classes are offered on the premises of Wildwood Lifestyle Center.

Shadow a Medical Provider

One of the best ways to learn lifestyle medicine is through observing those who practice it. Part of the Observer Program is shadowing various medical providers as they prescribe natural remedies and lifestyle change to real patients who walk into the Wildwood Clinic. Our providers include licensed medical doctors and nurse practitioners. The rest of our team includes massage practitioners, hydrotherapists, licensed mental health counselors, chaplains, a nutritionist, and lifestyle educators.

Customized Guest Lectures

Depending on your specific interests, our team works to invite leaders and pioneers in lifestyle medicine and natural remedies. They can answer your questions and share invaluable experience during guest lectures.

Surrounded by Nature

Wildwood Health Institute’s campus is positioned in between Lookout Mountain and Raccoon Mountain that both provide beautiful places for recreation. Wildwood’s own campus also has miles of beautiful hiking trails available for anyone residing on its premises.

Alumni From Around the World

Watch testimonials from our alumni as they share their experience with the Lifestyle Medicine Observer Program.

Graduates From Fall 2021

Graduates From Summer 2019

What We Offer in Our Classes


Whole food plant-based nutrition


Study lifestyle medicine from evidence-based data


Culinary coaching and nutrition


Adventist psychotherapeutic methods that bring about lifestyle change


Learn what God’s calling is for you as a medical missionary


Lead patients to Christ


Management methods of lifestyle centers


Day-by-day reversal of diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, depression, and many other diseases


Hydrotherapy practicum


Herbal therapy practicum


Lifestyle medicine in Scripture


Lifestyle medicine consultations by licensed physicians

How It Works



Call or email us and we will evaluate with you your best options to get trained.



Live the full Wildwood experience by choosing to include room and board with your stay.


Learn With Us

We will work with you to customize your experience at Wildwood. Come with your questions and your most thought-provoking ideas!



At the end of your stay you will leave with a certificate of completion, a training package, the ability to bring your medical practice to a whole new level, and an unforgettable experience that will always be engrained in your memory.

80+ Years of Experience

Wildwood Lifestyle Center has been a global leader in lifestyle medicine and natural remedies for over 80 years. Our experienced medical team is trained to deal with major communicable and non-communicable illnesses. We don’t just treat symptoms, but actually look for the root of the issue, and prescribe lifestyle change if that is the reason for the illness. We prescribe natural remedies and herbal medicine instead of conventional medicine whenever possible, leaving our patients with less side effects and often more positive results.

Meet the Team

A. Scott Grivas, Jr., MD

Dr. Grivas has pioneered and taught lifestyle medicine and natural remedies since 1989. With an early dedication to the Lord and to a missionary approach of medicine, Dr. Grivas witnessed and mentored the growth of several lifestyle centers across America, Europe, and Asia.

Aysha Inankur, MD, FACE

Dr. Inankur graduated from medical school at Loma Linda University and completed residency and chief residency in internal medicine at Kettering Medical Center. She finished endocrinology fellowship at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Inankur is triple board certified in internal medicine, lifestyle medicine and endocrinology, and diabetes ​and metabolism. She holds memberships in the Endocrine Society and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

Viktorija Rimko, FNP, RN

Inspired by missionary lifestyle medicine in her early twenties, Viktorija became a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) at Southern Adventist University. She has volunteered in numerous relief and missionary ministries. Wildwood is, for Viktorija, the answer to her early thirst for lifestyle medicine.

Roby A. Sherman, MD, RN

Dr. Sherman’s ties to Wildwood date back to the 1950s when she was trained in missionary nursing by Elder Frazee’s team (one of the founders of Wildwood). Later she studied medicine at Montemorelos University in Mexico. She has co-hosted more than 200 programs on 3ABN TV about natural remedies and lifestyle medicine. She has practiced medicine at Wildwood for 35 years and served as a medical director for eight years.

Nana Yaa Kwarteng, FNP, RN

Nana Yaa Kwarteng is a family nurse practitioner with a special interest in lifestyle medicine and sharing the love of God. She has been involved in teaching and recommending lifestyle interventions to individuals in North America, and Africa. Through her experiences she has witnessed the wholistic healing that God desires to impart to all. Currently she is a part of the medical team at the Wildwood Health Institute.

A New Approach to Practicing Medicine

Tirsa Espinoza, MD, MPH

Graduated from our program in 2018

“I have a new vision, a new calling. It was worth every single penny.”

Antonela Arevalo, MD

Graduated from our program in 2021

“I believe that every single physician should experience this program at least once in their life, it’s a blessing that will forever change their perspective about Christ´s medicine.”

Upcoming Program Dates

 June 30th – July 25th (Four-week program)
August 11th – August 22nd (10-day program
September 8th – October 3rd (Four-week program)
October 20th – Oct 31st (10-day program)
November 17th – December 12th (Four-week program)